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WEBINAR on 6/29    7 p.m CST/6 p.m. EST:

“Separation and Divorce: Help Me and My Stress”

Who should attend?  Anyone who’s separated, going through a divorce, or is divorced.

Have you ever heard these words?

“Your anxiety is valid, but it’s not related to Family Services.”


“Your feelings are legitimate, but the law doesn’t connect with emotion.”

The legal system is transactional and impersonal. The process is very stressful, time consuming, and expensive.

I understand because I’ve been there. Let’s spend an hour together.  Come to the webinar.

Let me teach you techniques that can help you feel better and support you during this time.

Dr. Deb Lindh

Award-Winning Stress Expert, Best Selling Author

Come learn about ways to help you and your stress during this challenging and important time in your life.

We’ll cover:

  • The latest findings and stats that we need to know to safeguard ourselves (click here to complete our survey)

  • Common things we do that we THINK are helpful (but are actually harmful)

  • 3 Key things you can do right now to reduce emotions and feelings of worry and saddness

  • 5 Ways to reduce stress and anxious feelings and emotions

  • 7 Steps to increase your resiliency and prepare you for difficult conversations

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Separation and Divorce

Whole person-centric (not just the process)

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We measure and track everything. People want to know their progress. Right from our initial meeting we identify and assess your current quality of life, mind, emotion, and physical state – and track progress before, after, and in between…for optimal growth.


We help you understand “what” to do AND teach you “how” to do it. Through our many tools, we equip you with the systems and tools you need to succeed. By learning “how” to do the “what” you are able to immediately take control of your life, emotions, mind, and physical self.


Real-time, immediate, results. We designed these products to help ourselves and now share them with children and adults all around the world. Each Mindful Effect technique is specificaly designed to solve a problem and provide a solution. Otherwise, we don’t do it. Period.


Applied research and evidence-based tools. Rooted in the social sciences every tool, technique, product, and service is backed by science. Whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods we do it all. Why? We can say we have it, doing it, and did it to satisfy the (occasional) skeptic!

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Some of our Clients Include:

I haven’t done anything like this before. It’s wonderful. I now have enjoyment in my life again.

Participant, Boston Scientific

Dr. Lindh has such passion for this subject and is very knowledgeable!

Participant, Wayzata Public Schools

The feedback we received from the conference attendees was very positive.  Thank you once again for helping to make our conference a huge success!

K.M., Minnesota State (MSNcu)

This program was very important. It gave me the confidence and tools for being a better mom and for bonding with my child.

Participant, Wayzata Public Schools


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