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Everyone has a story.  A beginning and an end.  What we do and experience in between is the difference between living a fulfilled life and merely existing. Mindful Effect began with my story and now embraces thousands of others and their stories…all along the way creating new exciting stories.

I’m Dr. Deb and I created Mindful Effect to share with people what I learned about chronic stress and how to help all without the use of medication.  As a survivor of PTSD, I went back to graduate school and earned a doctorate in Organization Development; focusing my applied research on the effects of stress on the mind, emotion, and body while using mindfulness interventions to assist in transformation growth .  My mission was to help myself from chronic stress from PTSD; to transform the trauma into growth. I figured out some things along the way and now share these tools and techniques with children and adults all around the world.

Is post-stress and post-trauma growth possible? Absolutely. How do I know miracles happen? Because I am a miracle.  An outline.  A defier of statistics.  The men, women, and children I’ve had the pleasure and honor to serve have too.  And you can too.

I look forward to connecting soon and joining you on this journey.


Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb Lindh
Dr. Deb LindhMindful Effect, LLC